Prescription Printing for the Modern Workflow

Easily serialize, track and audit prescriptions from a centralized dashboard. With our AuthPortal feature, Pharmacists can quickly verify and fill prescriptions ensuring that what they received is authentic and directly from the provider.

Prescription Verification Made Easy

With a quick scan of the AuthMark QR code or visit to your custom portal URL, pharmacists can verify originality and details, mark prescriptions filled, and receive real time order acknowledgement. Once filled, prescriptions are voided within SecureRx and cannot be filled at another pharmacy.

Scan QR Code
Enter the Authentication Code

Scan the Prescription

Using the provider's branded secure portal, pharmacists have the ability to scan the paper prescription for verification and filling.

See Details & Mark the Rx Filled

Verify Prescription for Accuracy and Authenticity

Pharmacists can verify prescription details and check the prescription for authenticity and accuracy. A pharmacist can guarantee that a paper prescription has not been tampered with.

Automated Fill Acknowledgement

Prescription Fill Acknowledgement

After verifying the prescription, the pharmacist can mark the prescription filled. This step will invalidate an attempt to fill this prescription at another pharmacy thus preventing any unauthorized attempts at copying or alteration.

Receive an Error if Authentication Code is Wrong

Provider Notification and Reporting

Providers gets real time acknowledgement of all scan attempts and fill notifications from pharmacies providing a 360-degree view of prescription activity.

Serialize, Track & Authenticate Prescriptions

AuthPortal enables pharmacists to quickly verify and fill prescriptions, ensuring the details were not altered and that the Rx they received is authentic. Serialize, track and authenticate prescriptions all through an easy to use web portal.


Stay Compliant

SecureRx has a full reporting suite for audit tracking and prescription authorization attempts. Understand how many prescriptions have been printed, by who at what locations instantly.


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