Protect Schedule II–V Prescriptions with SecureRx

It’s no secret that controlled substance prescriptions are the most at risk for copying, forgery, and tampering.

This risk is rapidly increasing with the opioid epidemic.

10% - 11%

The percentage of prescriptions that are for Schedule II – V controlled substances, according to the DEA.


The percentage of prescriptions of controlled substances still issued on paper in environments with e-prescribe.


The percentage of Schedule II-V prescriptions that are for opioids.


The number of cases of SecureRx prescriptions being forged, counterfeited, or rejected by a pharmacy of 250 million+ total SecureRx prescriptions.

Which prescription is more likely to deter counterfeiting?

SecureRx delivers the comprehensive anti-fraud security necessary for protecting prescriptions of controlled substances. Augmenting multiple layers each of anti-copy, anti-alteration, and fraud-preventative security, AuthPortal allows pharmacies to digitally authenticate and mark prescriptions when filled, for unparalleled fraud deterrence for Schedule II-V prescriptions.

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